Treating #cholera in severely #malnourished #children in the Horn of #Africa and #Yemen (Lancet, summary)

[Source: The Lancet, full page: (LINK). Abstract, edited.]

Treating cholera in severely malnourished children in the Horn of Africa and Yemen

Mija Ververs, Rupa Narra

Published: 05 October 2017 / DOI: DOI:

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Populations in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia are experiencing starvation and concurrent outbreaks of confirmed or suspected cholera (acute watery diarrhoea [AWD]).1 Drought, conflict, and population displacement in these countries have led to increased food insecurity and a higher incidence of severe acute malnutrition (SAM).1 Limited access to safe water and poor sanitation have exacerbated cholera and AWD outbreaks and led to the dangerous comorbidity of cholera and SAM in young children.

Keywords: Cholera; Yemen; South Sudan; Somalia; Hunger.