#Enzymatic anti- #CRISPRs improve the #bacteriophage #arsenal (Nat Struct Mol Biol., abstract)

[Source: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, full page: (LINK). Abstract, edited.]

News & Views | Published: 01 April 2019 | CRISPR

Enzymatic anti-CRISPRs improve the bacteriophage arsenal

Shravanti K. Suresh, Karthik Murugan & Dipali G. Sashital

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2019)


Bacteriophage-encoded anti-CRISPR (Acr) proteins were previously thought to inhibit CRISPR-mediated immunity by acting as physical barriers against the binding or cleavage of DNA. Two new studies report that recently discovered type V Acr proteins use enzymatic activities to shut down the Cas12a endonuclease, providing a multi-turnover ‘off switch’ for CRISPR-based immunity and technology.


Keywords: CRISPR; Biology; Bacteriophages.