#Attacks on #HealthCare in #Syria — Normalizing #Violations of #Medical #Neutrality? (N Engl J Med., extract)

[Source: The New England Journal of Medicine, full page: (LINK). Extract.]


Attacks on Health Care in Syria — Normalizing Violations of Medical Neutrality? [   !   ]

Michele Heisler, M.D., M.P.A., Elise Baker, B.A., and Donna McKay, M.S.

N Engl J Med 2015; 373:2489-2491 / December 24, 2015 / DOI: 10.1056/NEJMp1513512


Interview with Dr. Michele Heisler on attacks on physicians and health care facilities in Syria and the response from the international community. (11:57)  –| Listen |—/ –| Download |–


In July 2015, a 26-year-old pediatrician described to our team of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) investigators his experiences in Aleppo, Syria’s most populous city. When he was a medical student in 2012, government forces detained and severely beat him. He now works as an emergency medicine physician and surgery resident in a hospital that has twice been bombed by the Syrian government. He lives in fear of being killed by bombs on his way to work or while there. His family wants him to leave Syria as they did, but he explained, “It’s our country, and if we leave, it will fall apart. At times, I think maybe I will leave and specialize and come back with better skills, but then I see how much the people need me. Maybe that’s the biggest thing that’s keeping me inside.”


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#Merkel says downing of #Russian #plane has complicated #Syria #solution (Channel News Asia, Nov. 25 ‘15)

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Merkel says downing of Russian plane has complicated Syria solution [   !   ]

The shooting down of a Russian warplane by Turkey has complicated the process of finding a political solution in Syria and everything must be done to avoid a further escalation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday.


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#Ban concerned over downing of #Russian #plane by #Turkish #AirForce, urges #measures to lower #tensions (#UN News Centre, Nov. 25 ‘15)

[Source: United Nations News Centre, full page: (LINK).]

Ban concerned over downing of Russian plane by Turkish Air Force, urges measures to lower tensions [   !   ]

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is seriously concerned over the downing of a Russian military jet by the Turkish Air Force earlier today, and has urged all relevant parties to take urgent measures with a view to de-escalating tensions, according to his spokesperson.


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#Opponents of #ISIS Must #Influence Not Isolate #Russia (CFR, Nov. 24 ‘15)

[Source: Council of Foreign Relations, full page: (LINK).]

Opponents of ISIS Must Influence Not Isolate Russia [   !   ]

by Council on Foreign Relations 

The Turkish downing of a Russian warplane should not be allowed to distract efforts to build a stronger international response to the so-called Islamic State, writes CFR President Richard N. Haass.


Keywords: Turkey; Syria; Russia; Wars; ISIS.


#NATO Urges `#Calm, De-Escalation’ After #Turkey Downs #Russian #Jet (Bloomberg, Nov. 24 ‘15)

[Source: Bloomberg, full page: (LINK).]

NATO Urges `Calm, De-Escalation’ After Turkey Downs Russian Jet [   !   ]

NATO called for calm and de-escalation after alliance member Turkey shot down a Russian warplane that strayed into its airspace from Syria.


Keywords: NATO; Russia; Turkey; Syria; Wars.


#Russian #Jet’s Downing a Rare #Fate for #Stray #Fighter #Planes (Bloomberg, Nov. 24 ‘15)

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Russian Jet’s Downing a Rare Fate for Stray Fighter Planes [   !   ]

Every year, hundreds of warplanes stray into disputed airspace. Getting shot out of the sky like the Russian jetdowned Tuesday by Turkish forces is very unusual.


Keywords: Russia; Turkey; Wars.


#UNSC Calls for ‘Measured #Response’ Over #Russian Su-24 #Jet #Incident (Sputnik, Nov. 24 ‘15)

[Source: Sputnik, full page: (LINK).]

UNSC Calls for ‘Measured Response’ Over Russian Su-24 Incident [   !   ]

The President of the Council for November, UK’s Matthew Rycroft, said that stepping back from the detail of the Su-24 incident, the members have “a shared interest with all of the countries in the region”.


Keywords: Russia; Turkey; Syria; Wars.