Novel #coronavirus #treatment with #ribavirin: Groundwork for evaluation concerning #COVID19 (J Med Virol., abstract)

[Source: Journal of Medical Virology, full page: (LINK). Abstract, edited.]

Novel coronavirus treatment with ribavirin: Groundwork for evaluation concerning COVID‐19

Jahan S. Khalili,  Hai Zhu,  Amanda Mak,  Yongqi Yan,  Yi Zhu

First published: 30 March 2020 | DOI:

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Confronting the challenge of the outbreak of COVID‐19 should sharpen our focus on global drug access as a key issue in anti‐viral therapy testing. The testing and adoption of effective therapies for novel coronaviruses is hampered by the challenge of conducting controlled studies during a state of emergency. The access to direct anti‐viral drugs such as ribavirin that have an existing inventory and reliable supply chain may be a priority consideration for therapies developed for the 2019‐nCoV infection outbreaks and any strain variants that may emerge. Based on the direct anti‐viral activity of ribavirin against 2019‐nCoV in vitro and evidence for potency enhancement strategies developed during the prior SARS and MERS outbreaks, ribavirin may significantly impact our ability to end the lingering outbreaks in China and slow outbreaks in other countries. The apparent COVID‐19 pandemic provides an opportunity to follow dosage guidelines for treatment with ribavirin, test new therapeutic concepts, and conduct controlled testing to apply the scientific rigor required to address the controversy around this mainstay of anti‐viral therapy.

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Keywords: SARS-CoV-2; COVID-19; Antivirals; Ribavirin.


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