#Neuraminidase expressing #VLP #vaccine provides effective cross #protection against #influenza virus (Virology, abstract)

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Virology. 2019 Jul 8;535:179-188. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2019.07.008. [Epub ahead of print]

Neuraminidase expressing virus-like particle vaccine provides effective cross protection against influenza virus.

Kim KH1, Lee YT1, Park S1, Jung YJ1, Lee Y1, Ko EJ1, Kim YJ1, Li X2, Kang SM3.

Author information: 1 Center for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection, Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. 2 Center for Vaccine Evaluation, Biologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate, HPFP, Health Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada. 3 Center for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection, Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. Electronic address: skang24@gsu.edu.



Neuraminidase is the second major surface antigen on influenza virus. We investigated the immunogenicity and cross protective efficacy of virus-like particle containing neuraminidase derived from 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus (N1 VLP) in comparison with inactivated split influenza vaccine. Immunization of mice with N1 VLP induced antibody responses specific for virus and cross-reactive neuraminidase inhibition activity whereas an inactivated split vaccine induced strain-specific hemagglutination inhibition activity. N1 VLP-immunized mice developed cross protective immunity against antigenically different influenza viruses, as determined by body weight changes, lung viral titers, infiltrating innate immune cells, and cytokines, and antibody secreting cells, and germinal center B cells. Also, N1 VLP-immune sera provided cross-protection in naïve mice. Immunity by N1 VLP vaccination was not compromised in Fc receptor γ-chain deficient mice. These results suggest that neuraminidase-presenting VLP can be developed as an effective cross-protective vaccine candidate along with current influenza vaccination.

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KEYWORDS: Cross protection; Influenza virus; Neuraminidase vaccine; Virus-like particle

PMID: 31310875 DOI: 10.1016/j.virol.2019.07.008

Keywords: Seasonal Influenza; Vaccines.


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