#Cetacean #morbillivirus: A Land-to-Sea Journey and Back? (Virol Sin., abstract)

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Cetacean morbillivirus: A Land-to-Sea Journey and Back?

Authors: Giovanni Di Guardo, Sandro Mazzariol

Perspective / First Online: 15 May 2019


Cetacean morbillivirus (CeMV), the most relevant pathogen impacting the health and conservation of several already threatened cetacean populations worldwide (Van Bressem et al.2014), has shown in recent years an apparently increased tendency to cross “interspecies barriers” (Jo et al.2018a), thereby giving rise to disease and mortality outbreaks in free-ranging dolphins and whales (Mazzariol et al. 2016, 2017; Jo et al.2018b). Additional cases of infection have been also reported in aquatic mammals with a mixed aquatic-terrestrial ecology like common seals (Phoca vitulina) (Mazzariol et al.2013) and Eurasian otters (Lutra lutra) (Padalino et al.2019), increasing the overall concern and attention towards this Morbillivirusgenus member. Within such context, the demonstrated ability of the dolphin morbillivirus (DMV) strain to utilize both dolphin and seal SLAM/CD150 as host cell receptors (Jo et al.2018b) is biologically relevant and supports cross-species viral transmission events….





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Keywords: Cetacean Morbillivirus; Wildlife.


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