Severe #bornavirus #encephalitis presenting as #GBS (Acta Neuropathol., summary)

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Severe bornavirus-encephalitis presenting as Guillain–Barré-syndrome

Authors: Roland Coras, Klaus Korn, Stefanie Kuerten, Hagen B. Huttner, Armin Ensser

Correspondence / First Online: 05 April 2019


The underlying cause of encephalitis and other inflammatory diseases of the human central nervous system remains unclear in a substantial number of cases. Not infrequently, these cases are then assigned an “autoimmune” or “probably infectious” etiology. Two species of bornaviruses are currently unequivocally associated with encephalitis in mammals including humans. Mammalian 2 orthobornavirus (variegated squirrel bornavirus, VSBV) was identified as the cause of encephalitis in breeders of imported squirrels [2]; Mammalian 1 orthobornavirus (BoDV-1 and -2) is the agent of zoonotic borna disease, an encephalitic disease characterized by disturbances of behavior and movements in warm-blooded animals [4] that is most often diagnosed in horses and sheep. Recently, we detected BoDV-1 as the cause of fatal encephalitis in a previously healthy young man [3], and it was found in a cluster of encephalitic disease in organ recipients that received organs of a single donor from southern Bavaria [6…



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We like to thank Dr. Sybille M. Herzog, Gießen, Germany, for providing the Bo18 antibody and Doris Jungnickl, Brigitte Scholz, and Andrea Hilpert for excellent technical assistance. Research was done with internal funds, and in part by programme overhead financing related to Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Grant EN423/5-1 to Dr. Ensser.


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Keywords: Orthobornavirus; Variegated Squirrel Bornavirus; Zoonoses; Encephalitis; GBS.


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