The #UCL – #Lancet #Commission on #Migration and #Health: the health of a world on the move (Lancet, abstract)

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The UCL–Lancet Commission on Migration and Health: the health of a world on the move

Prof Ibrahim Abubakar, FRCP  *, Robert W Aldridge, PhD *, Delan Devakumar, PhD *, Miriam Orcutt, MSc *, Rachel Burns, MSc, Prof Mauricio L Barreto, MD, Poonam Dhavan, MPH, Fouad M Fouad, MD, Prof Nora Groce, PhD, Prof Yan Guo, PhD, Sally Hargreaves, FRCPE, Michael Knipper, MD, Prof J Jaime Miranda, MD, Prof Nyovani Madise, PhD, Prof Bernadette Kumar, DrPhilos, Davide Mosca, MD †, Prof Terry McGovern, JD, Leonard Rubenstein, LLM, Prof Peter Sammonds, PhD, Prof Susan M Sawyer, MD, Kabir Sheikh, PhD, Prof Stephen Tollman, PhD, Prof Paul Spiegel, MD, Prof Cathy Zimmerman, PhD * on behalf of theUCL–Lancet Commission on Migration and Health ‡

Published: December 05, 2018 / DOI:



With one billion people on the move or having moved in 2018, migration is a global reality, which has also become a political lightning rod. Although estimates indicate that the majority of global migration occurs within low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs), the most prominent dialogue focuses almost exclusively on migration from LMICs to high-income countries (HICs). Nowadays, populist discourse demonises the very same individuals who uphold economies, bolster social services, and contribute to health services in both origin and destination locations. Those in positions of political and economic power continue to restrict or publicly condemn migration to promote their own interests. Meanwhile nationalist movements assert so-called cultural sovereignty by delineating an us versus them rhetoric, creating a moral emergency.

Keywords: Migrants; Society; Public Health.


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