#VaxArray #potency assay for rapid #assessment of “#pandemic” #influenza #vaccines (npj Vaccines, abstract)

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Article | OPEN | Published: 08 October 2018

VaxArray potency assay for rapid assessment of “pandemic” influenza vaccines

Rose T. Byrne-Nash, David F. Miller, Katie M. Bueter, Jacob H. Gillis, Laura R. Kuck & Kathy L. Rowlen

npj Vaccines, volume 3, Article number: 43 (2018)



The VaxArray Influenza Pandemic HA (VXI-pHA) potency assay is a multiplexed sandwich immunoassay that consists of nine broadly reactive yet subtype-specific monoclonal capture antibodies printed in microarray format and a suite of fluor-labeled secondary antibodies that were selected to probe conserved HA epitopes. VXI-pHA was designed to optimize the probability that the ready-to-use assay would work for the most concerning, emergent influenza A strains, eliminating the need for the time-consuming process of reference reagents production. The performance of this new potency test was evaluated using a panel of 48 potentially pandemic strains of influenza viruses and vaccines spanning 16 years of antigenic drift, including the most recent pre-pandemic vaccine being developed against the “5th wave” A/H7N9 virus. The VXI-pHA assay demonstrated coverage of 93%, 92%, and 100% for H5, H7, and H9 antigens, respectively. The assay demonstrated high sensitivity with linear dynamic ranges of more than 150-fold and quantification limits ranging from 1 to 5 ng/mL. For three production lots of H7N9 monobulk drug substance, the assay exhibited excellent accuracy (100 ± 6%) and analytical precision (CV 6 ± 2%). The high assay sensitivity enabled robust detection and quantification of hemagglutinin in crude in-process samples and low-dose, adjuvanted vaccines with an accuracy of 100 ± 10%.

Keywords: Avian Influenza; Pandemic Influenza; Vaccines.


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